Liver Disease and Me: November Update

I've been meaning to write this all week - Sunday was the end of my first six-weeks tracking my goals - but I've been unwell and struggling to do anything very much.

My main overall aim is to try reverse the liver disease, get back to being healthy. As I wrote last time, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is often related to obesity so there's a chance that getting rid of my excess weight will help me get there. I'm aiming to get my weight down below 76KG – which is normal weight for me according to BMI.

I set my self a few targets that I hoped would get me on the path to losing weight and, together with Joe, I'm going to post about it here every six-weeks to keep me honest. 

  • do some sort of activity everyday: ❌ I only managed this for two of the six weeks. I only missed it by one or two days the other weeks – except for one week where I was completely snowed under and only managed to get out twice. 
  • run at least twice a week:  ❌ this was a bit more successful. There were a couple of weeks where I only managed one run but four weeks where I got three in. Running felt like a real success actually. I found that I was typically running 5k in under 30 mins – which had felt like a big barrier for me. I smashed my 5K PR with 27:27, and I ran 10K for the first time – in 1:02:39.
  • do press-ups everyday: ✅ for this one! I started just doing five after getting up in the morning. I added a few as I went and by the last week I was doing a single set of 20 every day.
  • a minimum of 5 days a week alcohol free:  there was one week where I couldn't resist a glass of wine with a Sunday roast otherwise this was ok
  • no more than 14 units of alcohol a week: ✅ my biggest struggle is that I don't really like soft-drinks. Mostly they are too sweet and don't go well with food. I've found there's a few alcohol-free beers that work really well as dinner-time drinks.
Overall, I think it was a pretty successful six-weeks. The targets did their job of getting me to focus on being more active. I played a few games of rugby and I'm feeling the benefits of the running there for sure. 

...and in terms of weight-loss? I weighed in on Friday at 90KG. So I lost 3KG. Heading in the right direction.

I'm ok with that progress so I'm not going to make any adjustments to those targets. I think I could probably do a bit better with diet though, so I've started experimenting with calorie counting and an iPhone app - Lose It! - to help with that. I'll report on that next time.

The only thing I'm really unclear about is alcohol consumption and exactly what I should be doing. There's definitely inconclusive advice out there. I had a blood test last week and I'll be seeing a Doctor soon to discuss whether there's anything new to report. I'm going to talk about alcohol more with them.